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Unfortunately, not even they are free from criticism. Those who do see BDSM as a form of sickness can still find support in the DSM, where activities involving, for example ‘the suffering or humiliation of oneself or one’s partner’ are classified as a paraphilia: a form of mental disorder. However for those looking for serious research into the prevalence and experience of people who indulge in BDSM with consenting adults, there is not very much around. I am currently working therapeutically with someone who self-identifies as a dom. Is your ex seeing someone else at the moment? He/she may want to find out if you are seeing someone new, and if you are single. He/she may also attempt to get more physically with you by touching and kissing. Your ex will try to get your attention by flirting. Though your ex wants you back, they may try to hide their feelings.

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