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You may choose the site with the highest payout %, the most convenient payout schedule or method for your life, or the site that offers you the best tools for your needs-pick one and stick with it and you’ll slowly see an increase in the proportion of your sales going to your preferred site. Do NOT include a list of fetishes or shows that you don’t offer-searches for those keywords will turn up your listing, and customers may not read thoroughly before they contact you. Make sure to include keywords in your profile details, as there is a search function. Make sure that you include keywords in text-if you use images containing text as part of your listing, that text is not searchable. Keywords/Search: Customers browsing the site can search by Flirt name, but the search box also uses the text in your listings and profile as searchable content. Although traffic has declined in recent years (a common complaint by long-time Flirts on the forums), Niteflirt still has a large number of members browsing listings every day.

Although SkyPrivate offers both pay-per-minute and block time payment options for Skype shows, it should be noted that chargebacks have been such a large issue with the block time payments that SkyPrivate no longer covers chargebacks for pre-paid shows. Placement on the site seems to be based on earnings as well as time spent logged on. I wasnt logged into MEW before this incident for about 1.5 days. I would recommend not bidding more per click than you make per minute doing a show (you can find your per-minute earnings on the “Listings” page). Content Policies: General “PlayFair” rules (PlayFair is their rule system), definitely click through everything in it because there is stuff hidden on other pages (like no nudity also means no pubes). Put listings in every category that applies to you-like Niteflirt, your listings do not need to have unique content. Other than Niteflirt, CMD has the most on-site traffic of the 4 sites I have covered here. Once you have your profile, submit listings in the relevant categories under Phone With Cam (see below for further information on how to maximize your exposure in categories). I tweak some of the text at the top of the listing and swap out the pictures, but the content of my listings is very similar.