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We are all porn stars, if we want to be. Maybe porn isn’t even really the right word for it anymore, as it evolves from something made to be watched to something made to be shared. Right away, Thylmann changed the corporate name to Manwin and sponsored a safe-sex campaign, “Get Rubber,” featuring porn-star PSAs and a billboard in Times Square. Thylmann now has 500 employees, including 324 in the Manwin office in Montreal. “That’s basically where I figured out that it seems to be an awfully good thing to buy adult websites in the current climate, because you can get things cheap, and there are obvious ways to improve what they’re doing.” In the last few years, Thylmann has been on an acquisitions tear. And Thylmann has continued to make acquisitions, both within the Manwin corporate umbrella (a tube site named Spankwire) and without (a company called Eurorevenue, with a network of European paysites).

Liz has never sought to make money from her videos. Her real name is Liz. This line of reasoning makes sense to Farrell Timlake, who uploads sponsored clips to PornHub and credits the brand exposure with a 50 percent increase in “organic” traffic-the desirable, high-converting surfers who start by typing a paysite’s name into a Google search box-and chachurbate a 100 percent increase in video submittals to Homegrown. You get 30 credits for free if you sign up now. Hirsch holds out hope for legislation, passed by a Senate panel in November, that would allow victims to get pirate sites shut down entirely. Vivid’s Steven Hirsch sees it as a cat-and-mouse game. Hirsch has nothing bad to say about Manwin (“My dealings with them have been very fair, and our stuff isn’t up on PornHub, so I take them at their word,” he says), but even if the sites are good about complying, the content can be reuploaded minutes later. However the industry ultimately reshapes itself to accommodate the twin threats of free and stolen content, the broader legacy of the tubes may have little to do with the high-gloss, professionally made porn that they have imperiled.

He spent $1 million to license nonexclusive content, buying 22,000 DVDs containing 100,000 scenes, and adopted anti-piracy digital-fingerprinting software. But it is going for around $100 per cup than it is possibly a ruthless buying. And once he’s shot his load all over his keyboard after watching my free five-minute video, he certainly isn’t going to be pulling out a credit card to join my site.” Manwin, in fact, has studied the question of optimal clip length. “It’s a huge misconception that the industry is doing badly,” Feras Antoon tells me over rib eye and lobster tail at Delmonico, the Emeril Lagasse steakhouse at the Venetian in Las Vegas. But Manwin is also diversifying, from a Fleshbot-style industry blog called ZZ Insider to more mainstream fare. Marc Randazza, a San Diego-based First Amendment lawyer who represents porn companies and sued Manwin in November, citing pirated content on Spankwire, remains unconvinced by Manwin’s conversion to solid corporate citizen. Between December 2009 and December 2010, Manwin says, its pretax earnings increased more than 40 percent. By March 2010, he owned both Mansef’s and Interhub’s assets, too, including the Brazzers and Mofos paysite networks and four tube sites. We published all kinds of spy cam images including photos and videos from shoe-cams, hidden cams and candid cameras that exposed plenty of people to the joys of online erotica.

“I get excited making them, posting them, and seeing how people react,” she says. Ten years ago, total daily adult-site traffic averaged less than 1 million unique visitors-on the entire Internet; today Manwin’s tube sites alone get 42 million daily uniques. He owns four of the ten most trafficked tube sites. Besides tube sites, the industry must contend with torrent sites and cyberlockers. “ ‘Free porn’ has not killed the industry. Once you begin watching the live girls, you will be so into them that you won’t even want to blink! As much as you want to believe older women can’t get younger men, so be it. To give your woman multiple orgasms (which you must do to SEXUAL SATISFY her), you must get the vaginal orgasms working. Join her and her nude girlfriends now and give in to live cam temptation. Couple looking for female ads on some free dating sites, so if you join some adult dating sites, look for some bisexual women and men.